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Areas of work
Public Health
  • Establishment of "Taal" pharmacy run by people living with HIV for affordable access to treatment - First of its kind in the world- rated as "Best Practice Model" by UNDP (Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu & Gujarat)
  • Design and establishment of online and mobile health information systems - 24 hours service.
  • Partnership with community of truck drivers in preventing HIV (on routes of NH2 & NH9)
  • Maternal Health Check-up camp - to combat child mortality and improving maternal health

Livelihood enhancement projects
  • Income generation project for underprivileged women (West Bengal)
  • Capacity Building in Hospitality for underprivileged women and Children (Gujarat, Tamil Nadu)
  • Computer Literacy programme (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Women empowerment camps enhancing techniques for value addition of farm produce
  • Skill building projects of various activities for trafficked women- from catering to computers and from clothes production to jewelry setting.
  • Capacity building for small scale entrepreneurs- Kirana workshops

Environment and Agriculture
  • Water use/ harvesting, supply chain, product life-cycle
  • Agricultural empowerment for farmers and income generation initiatives for SHGs (Haryana, UP)
  • Provided sustainable models of green house nursery's for farmers (UP)
  • Farmers were provided in house residential training on advanced farm practices from reputed Govt. agencies
  • Training of rural women farmers to build storage bins for effective grain storage

Education and Children
  • Workshops conducted in MCD & Govt. Schools highlighting Health & Hygiene knowledge (Delhi & Rajathan)
  • Donation drives of stationery and related material to the concerned schools.
  • Dental Check up workshops (Delhi)
  • Excursion activities imparting knowledge and importance of agriculture and the farm products.
  • Conducting Inter-School quizzes and competition.

Crisis/Disaster management
  • Ensuring health & hygiene among women during the Bihar floods (2008)- mobilization & distribution of sanitary napkins to the women survivors.
  • Resource mobilization & distribution of Chlorine tablets and Rice to the flood effected survivors.

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