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  • People for Action, seeks to impart development opportunities to marginalized communities across India to enable them to take their rightful place.
  • People for Action, is committed to the comprehensive development with a holistic, participatory approach towards development, empowerment and self reliance.
  • People for Action empower women and communities to take informed decision and enabling them to access their basic rights.
  • All People for Action programs are built around the principle of participation and sustainability
  • Participation is encouraged and accepted at all stages of program planning, development, implementation and evaluation, thereby, paving the way for community ownership of the programs.
  • Using a cross sectoral approach targeted at multi level stakeholders, communities build networks within and outside, and form linkages with other organizations and government bodies to successfully sustain development.
  • On ground implementation of activities
  • Training on various related issues - Promoting preventive health Care & Sanitation
  • Creating livelihood enhancement skill training for the marginalized groups
  • Focus on reducing the inequality faced by socially & economically backward group.etc
  • Fundraising campaigns through corporate and individual sponsorships
  • Public Profiling of NGOs
  • Training of Peer Leaders and Counselors on various issues
  • Partnerships with grassroots level NGOs
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the Projects set up by Companies in the Community
  • Empowering women financially and socially and enhancing their decision making capabilities.
  • Providing equal educational and vocational opportunities: especially to girls; and to adults to enable them to lead secure lives resulting from decisions based on informed choices.
  • Spread awareness about our social activities within and outside communities and garner support for further development.
  • Training on various issues including project design, monitoring and evaluation
  • Credibility Assessments on set parameters
  • Strategic partnerships with companies and international organizations
  • Visibility Management
  • Capacity building on CSR
  • Design and implementation of CSR projects: appropriate to your budget, corporate objectives and geographic foot prints:
    • Baseline surveys and need based assessments of community and other stakeholders.
    • Project design - Host of services ranging from idea, implementation, review and audit.
    • Skill mapping of employee volunteers to see best fits in employee volunteer programmes.
    • Ground level implementation of social development projects and events at pan India level, ranging from backend operations to exploring upon innovative concepts & strategy reaching out to partners and target audience.
    • Monitoring and evaluation of the Projects being implemented/funded by the companies
  • Identification of partners and their enrolment in a phased and consistent manner
    • Strategic partnerships with credible NGOs and CBOs
    • Brand Associations with other likeminded corporates and organizations
  • CSR partnerships with national and international development organizations.
    • Tying up with international organizations for higher impact - greater outreach projects
  • Media promotion- based on ground-level results
    • Media management for intelligent publicity of CSR projects.
    • Public Profiling of Community Development Programmes initiated by companies.
  • Monitoring and evaluation- to ensure compliance with audit needs
    • Social Audits and Impact Assessments for running CSR projects.
    • Sustainability Reporting on Companies' Projects.
  • Training and Capacity Building of industrial managers
    • On Reporting, Sustainable Development, G3 - GRI Guidelines and other CSR related issues.
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