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"It's Okay to be not Okay"

Your own free 24 hours helpline that deals with mental health issues. 2 out of 3 people are living in Silence and isolation because they do not know where and how to seek support for their mental health.

NamaH helpline deals with the ongoing mental health pandemic in India. Just call us and let yourself's confidential, it preserves your privacy and anonymity.

More than half of people with mental illness don't receive help for their disorders. Often, people avoid or delay seeking treatment due to concerns about being treated differently or fears of losing their jobs and livelihood. That's because stigma, prejudice and discrimination against people with mental illness is still very much a problem. Therefore, we are here for you.

Research shows that knowing or having contact with someone with mental illness is one of the best ways to reduce stigma. Individuals speaking out and sharing their stories can have a positive impact. When we know someone with mental illness, it becomes less scary and more real and relatable.

As you may be aware, in India, people's access to mental healthcare is one of the worst in the world. Under the PFA umbrella we have started a project" NamaH"- first of its kind 24/7 free anonymous counselling lifeline for mental health which is getting a great response from the community.

We aim at providing a safe haven, support system and solution to our anonymous callers suffering with psychological issues with facilities like timely screening along with quality follow up treatment under certified psychologists.

We are getting almost 120 calls a day- and mostly 2/3 out of 10 callers need clinical assistance where we connect them to certified Hospitals for support.

We firmly believe in, "It is Okay to be not Okay" and we hope to send this message to every individual who needs help and support and is willing to seek it.

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